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Donations help grow Rugby

The Wichita Rugby Foundation has initiated a fund-raising campaign to help promote and maintain Rugby in Wichita.

When you donate you have the option to steer your donation to any of the different elements of Wichita Rugby - Men's Club (Barbarians), Women's Club (Valkyries), High School Club, Middle School Club, Youth Flag Club, Alumni Association, General Fund used by all Clubs or our Capital Fund with proceeds going towards our own Rugby facility.

We have currently in negotiations on two proposed sites, this used to be a pipe dream it is now becoming reality. We need your help. You can do a one time donation or set it up for monthly recurring donations, every little bit helps.

As we reflect on those activities and businesses we want to come back and be stronger than ever— a tax-deductible donation to the Wichita Rugby Foundation can ensure Rugby continues growing in Wichita.

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