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Shimano Forcemaster 9000 English Zip [UPDATED]

Shimano Forcemaster 9000: The Ultimate Electric Reel for Deep Sea Fishing

Are you looking for a high-quality electric reel that can handle any challenge in deep sea fishing? Do you want a reel that has a powerful motor, a smooth drag system, and a heat-free performance? If so, you should consider the Shimano Forcemaster 9000 electric reel.

shimano forcemaster 9000 english zip

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The Shimano Forcemaster 9000 is a versatile and powerful electric reel that can meet the needs of any angler. Whether you are deep-dropping for bottom fish or flying kites for sailfish, the Forcemaster 9000 will give you the edge you need to land your trophy catch.

In this article, we will review the features and specifications of the Shimano Forcemaster 9000 electric reel, and show you how to use it for deep sea fishing. We will also provide you with a link to download the English zip file of the manual for the reel.

Features and Specifications of the Shimano Forcemaster 9000 Electric Reel

The Shimano Forcemaster 9000 electric reel has many features and specifications that make it a great choice for deep sea fishing. Here are some of them:

  • HAGANE body: The reel has a metal body that is rigid and durable, eliminating body flexing and enhancing cranking power.

  • Cross Carbon Drag system: The reel has a drag system that provides smooth and consistent drag pressure up to 25 kg.

  • Heat Free System II: The reel has a system that dissipates motor heat through ventilation openings on the side plate, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal performance throughout the day.

  • e-Exciting Drag Sound feature: The reel has a feature that produces an electronic sound when a fish runs, adding excitement and thrill to the fishing experience.

  • Fine Dot LCD display: The reel has a display that shows clear and detailed information in any light condition. The display shows the line length, winding speed, battery level, drag setting, and other useful data.

  • CI4+ handle knob: The reel has a handle knob that provides a comfortable and steady grip.

  • Line capacity: The reel can hold up to 1100 m of PE6 line or 900 m of PE8 line, which is more than enough for any type of fishing.

  • Hoisting capability: The reel has a hoisting capability of 72 kg, which means it can handle big fish with ease.

  • Gear ratio: The reel has a gear ratio of 3.1:1 and a line retrieve of 88 cm per crank, making it fast and powerful.

  • Bearings: The reel has 3 S A-RB bearings that reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting rotation of the bearing.

The Shimano Forcemaster 9000 electric reel also pairs well with Shimano's Talavera Bluewater Deep-Drop rods, creating a complete system for deep sea fishing.

How to Use the Shimano Forcemaster 9000 Electric Reel for Deep Sea Fishing

To use the Shimano Forcemaster 9000 electric reel for deep sea fishing, you need to follow these steps:

  • Attach the reel to the rod and connect the power cable to a high-capacity battery (10Ah).

  • Spool the reel with your preferred braided line and attach a leader and a hook or lure.

  • Set the drag according to the size and strength of the fish you are targeting.

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