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Ultimate SMBX CGFX Pack By Red Yoshi ((FULL))

Ultimate SMBX CGFX Pack By Red Yoshi: A Guide to Custom Graphics for Super Mario Bros. X

If you are a fan of Super Mario Bros. X, a fan-made Mario game that allows you to create and play your own levels, you might be interested in customizing your game with custom graphics. Custom graphics are images that replace the default graphics of the game, such as blocks, backgrounds, enemies, items, and more. Custom graphics can give your levels a unique look and feel, and allow you to create new themes and scenarios.

Ultimate SMBX CGFX Pack By Red Yoshi

However, finding and installing custom graphics can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to SMBX. There are thousands of custom graphics available on the internet, but they are scattered across different websites and forums, and they have different formats and structures. Some custom graphics are compatible with SMBX 1.3, the latest official version of the game, while others are compatible with SMBX 38A or SMBX 2.0, unofficial versions that have added new features and capabilities.

That's why you might want to check out the Ultimate SMBX CGFX Pack By Red Yoshi, a comprehensive collection of custom graphics for SMBX that has been updated and maintained since 2011. This pack contains over 23,000 files and 3,000 folders of custom graphics, covering almost every aspect of the game. It also follows a simple and organized structure that makes it easy to find and use the graphics you want.

What is the Ultimate SMBX CGFX Pack By Red Yoshi?

The Ultimate SMBX CGFX Pack By Red Yoshi is a custom graphics pack created by Red Yoshi and supermarioman, two prominent members of the SMBX community. The pack was originally released in 2011 as a successor to the previous SMBX CGFX Pack v3.1, which was outdated and incomplete. The pack aimed to gather most of the custom graphics made for SMBX at the time and make them compatible with the latest version of the game.

Since then, the pack has been updated several times with new graphics from various sources, such as other custom graphics packs, graphic submissions from users, fan games, official games, and more. The pack also features some exclusive graphics made by Red Yoshi and supermarioman themselves. The pack has been praised by many users for its quality, variety, and organization.

The latest version of the pack is v1.1, which was released in 2015. This version added over 4 GB of new graphics, including some from SMBX 38A and SMBX 2.0. It also improved the structure of the pack by dividing it into two main folders: one for SMBX 1.3 compatible graphics (the NEW folder), and one for SMBX 38A/SMBX 2.0 compatible graphics (the RED folder). The pack also includes a resources folder with useful tools and information for using custom graphics.

How to Download and Install the Ultimate SMBX CGFX Pack By Red Yoshi?

If you want to download and install the Ultimate SMBX CGFX Pack By Red Yoshi, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Download the pack from one of these links: v1.1, v3.0, v2.0, v1.0. The latest version is recommended, but you can also download older versions if you want.

  • Extract the pack using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will get a folder called "The NEW SMBX CGFX Pack".

  • Copy the folder to your SMBX directory (the folder where you installed SMBX). You can also rename the folder if you want.

Open your SMBX level editor and go to "Level Settings". Click on "Custom GFX Settings" and select the folder where you copied the pack (or its subfolders) as c481cea774


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