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How to Get a JRebel License and Boost Your Java Productivity

How to Get a JRebel License and Boost Your Java Productivity

JRebel is a powerful tool that helps Java developers build better applications faster. It allows you to reload code changes instantly, without recompiling or redeploying your application. This saves you time, preserves application state, and improves your coding experience.

But how do you get a JRebel license? And what are the benefits of using JRebel for your Java projects? In this article, we will answer these questions and show you how to get started with JRebel in minutes.

What is JRebel?

JRebel is a productivity tool that eliminates the need for redeploys in Java development. It works by monitoring your code changes and applying them directly to the running application. You can see the results of your changes immediately, without losing your place or restarting your server.

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JRebel supports over 100 of the top Java frameworks, application servers, build tools, and IDEs. It integrates seamlessly with your existing development environment and workflow. You can use JRebel with IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Maven, Gradle, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Tomcat, WebLogic, and many more.

JRebel has been trusted by over 5200 customers worldwide, including Intrasoft, Vaadin, SBM, and others. It has been proven to save Java developers an average of one month of coding time per year[^2^]. It also helps you write better code, reduce bugs, and deliver faster feedback to your stakeholders.

How to Get a JRebel License?

To get a JRebel license, you need to purchase it from the official website[^1^]. You can choose between different licensing options depending on your needs and preferences. You can get a personal license for individual use, a team license for small groups of developers, or an enterprise license for large organizations.

Once you purchase a JRebel license, you will receive an email invitation to manage your licenses through Rebel Licenses[^3^], a simple SaaS management platform. You can use Rebel Licenses to create teams, invite users, distribute licenses, monitor usage, and renew your subscription.

After you activate your Rebel Licenses account, you can download and install JRebel on your machine. You can follow the quick start guide[^3^] to see how easy it is to set up JRebel with your IDE and application server. You can also check out the documentation for more detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips.


JRebel is a must-have tool for any Java developer who wants to improve their productivity and code quality. It lets you skip redeploys and reload code changes instantly, saving you time and frustration. It also integrates with your favorite Java technologies and tools, making it easy to use and customize.

To get a JRebel license, you need to purchase it from the official website and manage it through Rebel Licenses. You can then download and install JRebel on your machine and start enjoying its benefits right away.

If you want to try JRebel for free before buying it, you can sign up for a 14-day trial[^2^] and see how it works for yourself. You can also request a demo[^2^] from the experts at Perforce and get a personalized walkthrough of JRebel and your developer stack. 29c81ba772


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